A proud alumna of the Morant Bay High School, Ms. Celia Barclay obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree before pursuing legal studies at the University of the West Indies and the Normal Manley Law School. Now an Attorney-at-Law with over 14 years’ experience at the Jamaican Bar, she has practised in both the private and public sector.

In her role as an Associate at Crafton S. Miller & Company and Phoenix Restructuring and Advisory Services Enterprise and in her service as a Government Trustee and Deputy Administrator-General, Ms. Barclay garnered experience in several areas of law as well as exposure to organizational development, strategic planning, corporate governance, budgeting and financial management, procurement and administration, performance management and customer service.

Ms. Barclay is a critical and creative thinker who remains open to varying perspectives and adaptive to changes. She believes that stakeholder consultation is the key to fostering ‘buy in’ and ensuring that solutions to be implemented take into account the interests of all affected persons.

She views mutual respect and effective communication as tools for building healthy relationships within and outside the workplace and strives to motivate and inspire others while leading with integrity, empathy and humility.

As Information Commissioner, Ms. Barclay is committed to developing a culture of respect for the right to privacy of personal information and implementing an effective system for addressing the violation of those rights thereby building trust and confidence in Jamaica data protection regime.