Speaker Profile


Patricia Ferreira, Leadership Coach, Executive Consultant & Transformational Speaker, is committed to helping individuals achieve workplace and life transformation. Guiding folks to leverage their unique strengths, gain confidence, become more effective and breakthrough self-limitations. My 30 years in the trenches of business have proven that engaged and agile collaborators are the game-changer.  I’ve seen first hand the difference that motivated, effective and efficient thought leaders can make on the bottom line. I have found that helping people see things differently, dramatically shifts how they perceive problems and seek out solutions. Allowing them to make a bigger impact, raising productivity, profitability and overall happiness and wellbeing.




  • Customer Experience,
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication for Leaders
  • Increased Employee Engagement & Collaboration & Team Building.


Corporate & Entrepreneurial Experience:  

30+ years of experience in multiple industries, Energy, Fashion, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunications, L&D, & Technology.  Building brands, managing high-performance marketing and sales teams, developing creative go to market strategies. I C B A C K G R O U N D


How I can help the Corporate world: 

With my guidance and training, individuals discover ideal ways to collaborate and work with others, improve their emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.  The process is co-created and designed along with each client, exploring a range of modalities, techniques, and philosophies to determine the fit for purpose strategy, tools and exercises that will empower and take them from feeling ordinary to realizing their greatness and increasing workplace productivity.

My emphasis is on the transferable leadership skills essential to all positions within an organization and creating empowered thought leaders. Through various best practices, they gain confidence, self-esteem, improve work ethics, learn to positively

impact others and obtain results.

The outcome is an agile, “can do” mentality where challenges or complications are creative opportunities rather than limitations.

Helping individuals avoid career pitfalls like stress, anxiety, disengagement, or negative self-talk, and tap into their individual greatness so they can feel better, find personal joy, reach their

true potential and success is my greatest passion.