Paul Makin has been active in the specification, development, and operation of digital financial services in both developed and emerging markets for more than 30 years. He has been extensively involved in the development of strategies for customer onboarding in the light of developments in biometrics, digital identity, KYC and eKYC utilities, as well as the growing emphasis on customer privacy and data protection.

Paul’s reports and policy recommendations for international industry associations include “Digital Identity and Authentication” and “Security Aspects of Digital Financial Services” for the ITU and GSMA’s “Implementation Guide for Mobile Money Transfer Services”.

For CGAP, Paul has developed a complete set of resources for the cybersecurity training in all aspects of operational DFS security, including: data networking; mobile networks; DFS systems; business processes; and physical security. This publicly available cybersecurity training deck and webinar is used by regulatory and supervisory authorities and financial service providers.

Paul will speak from his experience with hands-on cybersecurity work which includes: the development and operation of a government e-voucher service for farmers; analysis of the use of identity for social safety net programs; strategies for digital identity management; AML and privacy for recipients of remittances; and analysing and remediating the fraud, cybersecurity and consumer protection issues for a variety of bank and non-bank financial service providers.