Denise, I want to take the opportunity ahead of the end of the conference to commend you and your team for a wonderfully executed virtual convention!


The programme has been well organized and implemented!


The highlights are too many to mention with just a few below:


  • The moderators – Katrina & Terri!! Outstanding.
  • BEEZY – so cute. Great mascot!
  • Prime Minister Mottley
  • Alex Ihama
  • Jaja


The timing from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. is also ideal for a virtual conference when many persons have to be logging in from their offices.


The inclusion of the Caribbean Vibes lounge and entertainment was also a great idea to create the “feel” of the in-person convention!


Congratulations again to the entire team!

Judith Baynes (Mrs.) – General ManagerU.W.I. (Cave Hill) Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.

Building resilience through self-reliance

Upon registering for the CCCU 63rd Annual Convention and observing the Convention’s theme “Building Resilience Through Self-reliance, I realized I was in for a splendid flight. The registration process was seamless and communication throughout was precise and informative.


Anticipation was high because the CCCU Convention was being held virtually for the first time.


It was Day One of the Convention. I experienced a delay in joining but then I recognized the glitch was internal and not a Convention issue. When I finally joined the meeting, lo and behold there were almost 200 participants already online. A friendly mascot bee gave constant reminders so all I had to do was BEEprepared for a most memorable Caribbean flight.


Hosts/Moderators Katrina Grant-D’Aguillar and Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid gracefully flew over the Caribbean waters, like captains who knew their routes and took us safely to our various destinations throughout the Convention.


Participants were encouraged to “Be tough” and “Be elastic” in order to build resilience. The elasticity enables a quick bounce back after being stretched.


Other presenters recommended that for team building and organizational growth including we should;


  • Want more for our people than we want from our people
  • Look beyond persons faults and see what they bring to the table
  • Work together to maximize impact


The sessions I attended revealed to me that CCCU Board and management led by Denise Garfield are quite aware of not only the financial environment but also the socio-economic, political and cultural environment in which we live and work.


Presenters were carefully chosen to deliver messages of hope and a bright future for Credit Unions and its membership.  Alex Ihama, Ancin Cooley and Judy McCutcheon. They were on point, very relevant and very interactive with participants. Certainly, it was a smooth flight for the entire journey.


In a time such as now, where people are still recovering from the pandemic, which is still with us, we were presented with opportunities to thrive and survive. The Convention in its own way was therapeutic and not laborious.


Undoubtedly, the platform Hopin created a feeling that I was physically at the Convention.  With plenary sessions organized similar to a physical Convention, attendees were able to relocate from main stage to individual sessions, smoothly.  This was very innovative


The closing speaker Nsombi Jaja was not only an academic presenter, but she also spiritually engaged us as she reminded us that “90% with God is far better than 10% without him.  I want to add that 90% Virtual CCCU Convention for 2021 is far better than 10% no Convention.


CCCU has set the bar at a high level and Credit Union leaders were equipped by the knowledge received to build resilience.  Definitely, “Building resilience prove self-reliance”.

Looking forward to CCCU 64th Annual International Convention.


Michelle Walters Nembhard – Insurance Employees Co-op Credit UnionCaribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) 63rd Annual International Convention

It goes without saying the first virtual conference was absolutely first class and better than I anticipated.

The moderators were energetic and entertaining….#caribbeanvibz

The topics and presenters were top notch and on point.

I sincerely hope that more co-operators attend future virtual or in person conferences.

It was a fantastic experience. Two Thumps Up!! WOW!!


Marlon Pierre – Trinidad & TobagoCo-operative Credit Union League of Trinidad & Tobago (CCULTT)