Andy Price



Andrew Price currently serves as Senior Vice President of Advocacy and General Counsel for World Council of Credit Unions. He leads WOCCU’s international advocacy work on behalf of credit unions worldwide before the various international standard setting bodies such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision the Financial Action Task Force, and others.

Andy combines years of diverse experience in the credit union industry having served as General Counsel for First Commerce Credit Union, engaged in advocacy and lobbying for credit unions at both the Credit Union National Association and the League of Southeastern Credit Unions, and worked for the prudential bank, credit union, and finance regulator in the State of Florida (Office of Financial Regulation) where he also served as a Cabinet Aide to Comptroller General Robert F. Milligan.

He holds his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Additionally, he is certified as a Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist, a Credit Union Compliance Expert, and a Credit Union Enterprise Risk Management Expert. Andrew also teaches consumer lending as an adjunct professor at the Florida State University: College of Law.