Dennison Slocombe



Dennison Slocombe

Business Support Executive 1 and Head of Compliance at the Grenada Cooperative League Ltd.

Dennison Slocombe is a professional with a passion for fostering economic sustainability and financial integrity. Holding a master’s degree in Ecoefficiency and Economics, Dennison brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his roles. He has also undergone certified training in Anti-Money Laundering, Risk Management, Data Analytics, and financial investigation, among other areas.

As the Head of the Compliance Unit and Statistical Analysis Unit at the Grenada Cooperative League Ltd., Dennison leads a dynamic compliance team dedicated to providing vital support to the credit unions. His role extends beyond compliance, as his team spearheads collaborative initiatives focused on credit union digitization, stabilization funds, and cooperative development. He serves as Treasurer on the Board of The Grenada Chambers of Industry and Commerce (GCIC) and heads the Economic Advisory Commission of the GCIC. Additionally, Dennison has been appointed to various private-public committees and represents private-sector interests on the National Climate Change Committee.

An accomplished orator, educator, radio personality, environmentalist, and apiculturist, Dennison is dedicated to lifelong learning and expanding his knowledge base to create enduring value. Dennison is passionate about financial management, AML/CFT compliance, and personal development, and he has been a presenter and trainer in various workshops for Credit Unions, NGOs, and Insurance brokers. His contributions to these fields have made a positive impact on the sector.