Dr. Carol Babb



An experienced educator and administrator with the vision and determination to provide equitable access to education at all levels. Throughout my career, I have lobbied for basic needs for our students and encouraged stakeholder support in the overall improvement of literacy in schools. In addition, I have promoted and supported Financial Literacy Education, which will help us to make informed financial decisions, and live a more productive life.

Professional Experience

  • Country Director, Peacework Belize. Assist Executive Director of Peacework in the implementation of Financial Literacy Programs in Belize.
  • Education Director, Holy Redeemer Credit Union (2020…)
  • Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture.
  • Deputy Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education
  • Justice of the Peace.
  • President, Belize National Teachers Union.
  • General Manager for Anglican Primary Schools in Belize.
  • Principal at Queen Square Anglican Primary School.
  • Teacher at Queen Square Anglican Primary School.

Educational Experience

  • (2007 – 2011) Oklahoma State University, USA
  • (1999 – 2002) University of North Florida, USA
  • (1981 – 1983) Licentiate College of Preceptors

Diplomas/Awards Received

  • (2011) Doctor of Education, Higher Education
  • (2002) Master’s Degree in Secondary Education
  • (1983) Bachelor Degree in Education

Dr Carol Babb

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