Jeanne Cattouse



Jeanne Aguet-Cattouse a native to Belize Central America, now resides in gorgeous, sunny Southern California is the founder and owner of

Early in life, she understood that, despite differences, everyone was created equal and had been given by God the intrinsic abilities to recognize, acquire, and lead amazing lives in a condition of unlimited happiness.

After obtaining her Business Management Associates degree from Saint John’s College Sixth Form in Belize, she made the unusual decision to pursue higher education from a different path where she started studying the Art and Science of Raja Yoga Meditation and other eastern philosophies which provided her with the ability to hone her natural abilities of emotional and positive intelligence. In her quest to become the best version of herself Jeanne completed her certification for Mindfulness Meditation at Loyola Marymount University.

She realized that accepting and using these skills effectively needed spiritual maturity, dedication, and a close personal relationship with God. Jeanne created, a business that promotes an expedient route to the ultimate human search for harmony, love, and civic duty.
According to Jeanne, this is the key to enlightening one’s inner self and a manual for inspiring others to adopt the philosophy of living life by leading with love and human kindness.

Jeanne is determined to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing the transformative power of holistic well-being. Currently, Jeanne is working with several or the Government Ministries of Belize in offering several workshops and team building retreats with a focus on Self-Awareness, Mindfulness living and Emotional Intelligence to name a few.

Along with expanding Lovingiskey LLC, Jeanne makes a conscious effort to continue her journey upwards by giving back to humanity in conducting free daily guided meditation and mind direction sessions as a way to spread Love and human kindness. Jeanne also uses every opportunity while on vacation to give back to the community that she is vacationing at by sharing her knowledge. Jeanne knows the benefit of what meditation does for the Mind, Body and Soul so her medication of choice is Meditation.