Judy McCutcheon



Judy McCutcheon is a Change Management Expert with a multifaceted background in finance, sales, training, and organisational redesign and alignment. Mrs. McCutcheon specialises in creating policies and procedures that improve flow, efficiency and increase engagement within organisations.

Mrs. McCutcheon has extensive experience leading change management projects across the region. She is known for curating customised performance management frameworks that foster greater organisational efficiency. Among her successes is the organisational  redesign project she worked on for Belize Telecommunication Limited where she was successful in reducing their overtime bill by more than 50%.

Mrs. McCutcheon has also worked on projects for organisations in the manufacturing and financial industries and has spearheaded digital conversion for some of the largest companies in Barbados, Trinidad, Haiti, Belize, and the United States. Apart from change and performance management, she is licenced by teo international organisations to provide job-fit assessment and conduct Job Evaluation based on thrir proprietary software.

As a Caribbean-based professional, Mrs. McCutcheon has worked in various parts of the Caribbean and North and Central America. She has held several senior leadership positions across the region, including Financial Accountant (Belize), Senior Project Consultant (USA and Trinidad), and Manager of a Group of Insurance Companies (Grenada).

In addition to her career achievements, Mrs. McCutcheon is a humanitarian. She has served on the board of several non-profit organisations, including The Rotary Club of Grenada, Belize Red Cross Society, Grenada Red Cross Society, and the Grenada Community Library. In addition, Mrs. McCutcheon is keenly interested in teaching money management to women and girls to enable them to be stewards of their finances.

Besides her professional accolades, Mrs. McCutcheon has many academic qualifications. She holds a Diploma in General Management, a certificate in Mastering Talent Management (Recruiting, Retaining and Rewarding A+ Talent), an MBA in International Business, a Master’s in Organisational Psychology and is currently a Doctoral Student at the University of Malawi, where her research on the role HR professionals and HR policies and practices play in organisational transformation. She is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership teacher, trainer, and coach.