Remmy Castillo



Remmy Castillo, the former CEO of one of the fastest-growing beverage brands in the US, is a luminary in the field of sales and marketing. His remarkable career is defined by a commitment to innovation, unwavering leadership, and a pursuit of excellence. As a distinguished former CEO, motivational speaker, and mentor, Remmy has significantly influenced various industries, catalyzing transformation not only within businesses but also in the lives of those privileged to be mentored by him.

Leadership Style: Renowned for his unparalleled leadership style, Remmy is a visionary who understands the power of a motivated and well-trained team. Under his stewardship, he has hired and cultivated hundreds of individuals, transforming them into top-tier sales agents. His approach goes beyond conventional training, focusing on mindset and personal development to foster a culture of continuous improvement and success.

Current Role: Remmy Castillo, with a passion for sales and marketing, currently contributes to a prestigious precious metals company, where his role involves playing a part in hiring, training, and preparing the sales team. With a focus on delivering results, Remmy values the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization.
Alongside his work in the precious metals sector, Remmy co-owns a partnership in public relations and marketing firm—Command Influence PR. In this collaborative venture, he appreciates the chance to bring a diverse skill set to the table, ensuring success not only in his current role but also in the broader spectrum of PR, sales, and marketing.

Philosophy: At the core of Remmy’s success lies his belief in the transformative power of mindset and personal development. He is not just a sales executive but a catalyst for change, working tirelessly to help organizations shift their thinking and embrace a culture of success. Remmy thrives on seeing people succeed and has dedicated his career to empowering others to reach their full potential.

Motivational Speaking: Beyond his corporate achievements, Remmy is a sought-after motivational speaker. His speeches resonate with audiences as he shares insights gained from his own journey, emphasizing the importance of mindset, resilience, and continuous learning in achieving professional excellence.

In summary, Remmy Castillo is not just a sales and marketing executive; he is a transformative force in the business world. His impact extends beyond profit margins and market shares to the lives he has touched and the organizations he has helped evolve. Remmy continues to be a driving force for positive change, embodying the belief that success is not just about what you achieve, but about how many others you inspire to achieve greatness.