Tayo Adeniyi



Tayo Adeniyi is currently the Director of Professional Services in Hitachi Systems Security Inc. with responsibility for managing Governance Risk & Compliance, Testing Services & Cyber Offense and Privacy Services.

She is a British- Nigerian with over 20 years extensive experience in diverse sectors and organisations spanning from Financial, Telecommunications and other major industry sectors.

She began her career as a Chartered Accountant in the UK where she consistently brought value to clients and organisations by working alongside stakeholders to define and solve business problems especially related to security and protection of assets.

She has worked in most major economies spanning from Europe to Asia to North America leading multi-disciplinary technology teams, capturing and assessing complex business requirements and identifying and implementing improvements that ensure organisational needs are met.

She focuses on the alignment of information security management, cyber security management, risk management, internal audit, control and assurance with strategic, business and sector objectives and has worked for advisory companies helping customers to enhance their security posture.

She has implemented Cybersecurity programs and brought security into business decisions using her acumen in governance to help companies to ensure their data is secure according to the information security main goals, which are integrity, availability, confidentiality, and accountability.

Tayo is a thought leader and senior level cybersecurity professional combining a master’s degree and Security certifications with solid experience in digital technologies, leading-edge information security systems, security design, analysis and implementation. She continually ensures that the business understands the impact of the various human, process and technology threats and vulnerabilities and is positioned to manage their risk obligations as well as demonstrable accountability through assurance.

Within Hitachi, she helps businesses achieve effective, usable and safe information systems with proper integration of IT and security with business governance, strategy and investment.