Opening Ceremony

Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas

Keynote Speakers

Remmy Castillo

Topic: Attitude & Gratitude

Jeanne Cattouse

Topic: Work Life Integration, The FLOW Of The Modern World

Leslie Lee Fook

Topic: Bridging Digital Divide: AI’s Role in Elevating Caribbean Credit Unions

Racquel Moses

Topic: Climate Resilient Strategies For Credit Unions

Timothy Antoine

Topic: Advocating For A Harmonized Financial System, Building An Interconnected Global Economy Across The Region

Breakout Sessions

Dana Hayes Burke

Topic: Generational Diversity – Leadership Strategies To Foster Team Excellence

Ancin Cooley

Topic: Board Succession Planning

Leteisha Sandy-Marks

Topic: (AML/CFT Compliance :The Role of Corporate Stewards in Managing ML/TF Risks)

Naomi Garrick

Topic: The Bridge To Success: Harnessing Personal Branding To Elevate Credit Union Engagement And Loyalty

Almando Cox

Topic: Fortifying Your Data: Practical Ways To Create An Army With Awareness

Wendell Lawrence

Topic: Corporate Governance: A Costly Regulatory Imposition Or A Tool For Enhanced Competitiveness?

CEO Round Table

Dennison Slocombe

Topic: Entrenching A Compliance Culture

Mr. Pablo Bernasconi

Topic: Embracing Neo-Cooperativism To Attract New Clients

Marcia Armstrong

Topic: Beyond Paychecks: Fostering Financial Health For Wealth Creation

Andrea Lally

Topic: Green Lending

Erin O’Hern

Topic: Emerging Regulatory Trends

Ancin Cooley

Topic: Risk Management and Governance

Member Development Forum

Erin O’Hern

Topic: A Global Look At Climate Sustainability And Regulations